ColladaLoader for Processing

ColladaLoader is a import library for Processing. It parses dae or kmz files created by 3D modeler like SketchUp or Blender. The Software architecture is now completely refactored and more flexible to implement the large varieties of collada formats.

Supported features:

  • 3D shapes, colors and transparency
  • textures
  • multiple imports
  • built in scale rotate or translation functions
  • runnable in P3D/P2D or in NonGL Environment
  • with a test tool to troubleshoot general P3D/P2D problems
  • examples
  • Requirements:

  • Processing 3.0
  • Blender 2.75a or SketchUp vers. 8
  • not tested for other versions or other 3rd party applications
  • Download

  • Processing menubar "Tools" → "Add Tool.." → "Library" section → search key "ColladaLoader"
  • or here as zip
  • Don't use older ColladaLoader versions.


    User manual and troubleshoot

    Technical specifications


  • http://processing.org
  • http://www.sketchup.com/
  • https://www.khronos.org/collada/
  • www.leo.org
  • http://www.die-seite.ch/?colladaloader
  • Last Update: Dec 2015

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